Kibirizi is our most central campus and the nearest to the trading post. In 2015, our landlord there gave us notice to quit as he wanted to redevelop his land. This was a challenge, but not entirely unwelcome as the rooms were tiny and there was no outdoor playing space. We managed to buy a large plot of land nearer the trading centre with help from our friends in Britain. The school community immediately pooled their own resources of time and money to erect a large brick two-classroom block. Diana and I were there in 2016 for its opening celebration.

In 2017 the Principal Lucy Kabasukali and Co-ordinator Zelina Kyakimwa approached me to say the school needed an extra classroom. I reminded them of their dream of a central Adult Learning Centre. This was because the graduates of our adult literacy programme had requested further training to help them augment their incomes and improve their skills. I said I was willing to appeal for funds to equip it. I suggested certain requirements: specifically there would have to be a theft- proof store, and strong working tables and chairs instead of the small benches used in our other classrooms. The community immediately set to work again, and with little financial help from us the building is now up and roofed, as the picture on the left shows. It will double as a children’s classroom.

Lucy, Zelina and the teachers are now working on the likely learning programme and what equipment it will need (and the costs!) Sewing machines will be essential, and an array of hand tools, materials and storage boxes. By installing solar panels we can also consider buying computers and teaching computer skills, and perhaps a television and dvd player to show films to the community (which could earn income to supply materials). We may not be able to fund this all at once, but it’s an exciting time for our programme!


Adult Learning Centre at Kibirizi

Update, May 2018

The Adult Learning Centre, the new building on the site owned by the Schools at Kibirizi is now complete, comprising a small school office and a secure store for vocational learning equipment and materials.  Our next task is to equip the building.  We already have the funds for the solar panels  and electric wiring.

The women who have completed the literacy course have continued to study health, parenting, horticulture and social issues.  (Our co-ordinator is just completing a part-time degree course in social studies).  But they have also asked for training in income-generating activities, specifically hairdressing and tailoring, as well as continuing to develop their handicraft skills. I am now trying to raise funds for everything needed to make good use of the new space (which will also be used for nursery classes in the mornings).