Work with Rwenzori Peace Bridge of Reconciliation


In September Diana and John returned to mark the end the RELEVIKA programme to reduce violence at all levels in Kasese District and develop a culture of peace there.  Research into the effectiveness of the programme is under way, and will be reported here.   Due to his age he is also reducing his close involvement with Rwenzori Peace Bridge of Reconciliation which began in 1998.  So we stopped funding RPBR’s core costs at the end of 2016, but that was not the end of our partnership. They continue to be active peacebuilders in the District, at the centre of a network of community groups, women’s organisations, school peace clubs, youth groups and girls’ clubs.  We gave a grant towards their youth programme last year, and also helped them to continue their much valued radio broadcasts.  (We will support these again in 2019.)   We also enabled them to hold an AGM, in order to keep in close touch with their members. 

John paid another visit to Kasese in January 2019 to support two friends introducing a way of making re-usable sanitary pads for women and girls, and to see the new Adult Learning Centre at the Ibanda Literacy Schools. RPBR’s Girls’ Clubs Conference took place during this visit, with delegates from 46 of the 50 clubs.  The District Women’s MP, Winnie Kiiza, a long-standing friend of John’s, gave the girls an inspiring talk, sharing her own early struggles.

RPBR facilitated the “pads workshops”, and we took part in one of their “peace clinics”, a sort of mobile Citizens’ Advice Bureau. We spoke on the radio in one of their broadcasts.

The children of Stourbridge Quaker Meeting  (which manages our funds for Uganda), wanted to twin the Meeting House toilets with one of RPBR’s member projects.  We made a link with the Orphanage Learning Centre at Rwenguhyo, and enjoyed visiting the handsome new pit latrines and meeting the children.

John joined a RPBR Board Meeting where important decisions were made following the decision by Nelson Sande Ndungo, the Director since we began, to retire in 2 years.

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