The   Hope    Project



The Hope Project is an agency which used to offer consultancy and training in peace building skills and the creative handling of conflict. We also offer yoga training and materials to help with relaxation and inner peacefulness. We began the Project in 1994. We have worked mainly in our own area, the West Midlands of England, but we also had the privilege of supporting colleagues in other areas of the world, including Ireland, South Africa (during apartheid) and the USA.

In Belarus, Ukraine, and Uganda, we helped to introduce and develop peace education in schools between 1990 and 2006.   Our visits to  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Makedonia in support of local peace education groups ran from 1996 to 2013.  We had the opportunity in April 2019 to visit a church in Kosovo, which works with Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic young people, including many Roma children, and share peace education skills with them.  John has also been involved with anti-landmines work and community peacebuilding in Western Uganda including a three-year programme from 2014-2016 to develop a culture of peace.  His most recent visit there supporting a new project is described on the Uganda (Peace) page.

As we both approach the age of eighty, we are no longer involved in ongoing projects, apart from John’s continuing links with Uganda.  And we are still happy to speak about our experiences and to meet people developing new initiatives which they would like to discuss with us.