Among the artworks at Woodbrooke was a number of tapestries woven, and mostly designed, by Elisabeth Holmgaard when she was on the staff there. They are pictured below. With the closing of Woodbrooke, these have been offered to Meetings and other Quaker venues which are able to display them. They have all now found new homes.   An illustrated catalogue is being compiled.  For any enquiry please write to John Lampen:

Tapestry C    Moses and the Burning Bush

Designed and woven
by Elisabeth Holmgaard

Dimensions: H 74cm x W 104cm.

Tapestry B  Seascape

Tapestry I   The Good Shepherd

(This tapestry is not by Elisabeth Holmgaard
and was woven by a Christian community in China.

Tapestry D    
The Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem

Designed and woven by Elisabeth Holmgaard

Inspired by Egyptian children’s weavings

Dimensions: H 74cm x W 170cm.

Tapestry A    The Hannaschool

Designed by Henry Voss, woven by Elisabeth Holmgaard

Dimensions: H 219cm x W 90cm.

(This will be sent to Denmark Yearly Meeting)

The Hannaschool was started by Debora Nielsen.  She spent a term at Woodbrooke in 1946 and presented a thesis on “Wholeness in Education”.  She asked if among that group of students there was a woman student interested in starting such a school with her.  She said, “I have no money, buildings, pupils or teachers, just a call to do this work.”  
There was someone, and in 1947 the Hannaschool was born at Woodbrooke.  

 Tapestry F   The Last Supper

Tapestry E   “In my Father’s House…”

Tapestry G    Solentiname

Designed by Henry Voss
Woven by Elisabeth Holmgaard

Dimensions: H 120cm x W 130cm. 

Solentiname is the name of a group of islands in Lake Nicaragua, where Ernesto Cardenal founded a small contemplative community among the local farmers.  A school of naïve art developed here and became known all over the world.  It was destroyed in 1977 during the revolution, but re-established by Father Cardenal after 1979 when he became minister of culture in the Sandanista government.